Love Against Love (Book 1)

Justin always knew his best friend, Jordan, would be there for him. Actually, he was sure of it. So much in fact, that he continued his sexual ways; knowing she would wait for him and one day be his wife. Later…much later.
Jordan knew in her heart Justin would someday be her husband. It was just meant to be between the two of them. They had always been best friends and always would be best friends. To Jordan, her dreams of marriage with him was inevitable.
Until reality hits her one day that his philandering was probably never going to stop and she would always be the one waiting.
Jordan’s realization doesn’t depress her for too long. Fortunately for Jordan, her mother’s new boyfriend has a son. Colton slams into her life and their whirlwind romance leaves her breathless.
Will Justin ever be able to win Jordan back? Or did he go too far this time. Some decisions you make follow you throughout your life.
Sometimes that one little thing you say…might just be the biggest mistake of your life.

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